The Ivy Will Endure Until Justice is Served

The Friends of the Weeping Ivy have been committed to support the efforts of the eight plaintiffs who took a bold stance against financial malfeasance in their organization. Although they were wrongfully suspended, they never gave up their quest to expose those who were using funds in an unauthorized manner. We now know that all eight have been reinstated and the former tyrannical leader has been suspended and asked to pay back over a million dollars in unauthorized funds that she allegedly took while in office.

We will continue to support the efforts of all truth-seeking individuals until justice is fully served. The Ivy will endure to the very end. The member who is proven to have spent unauthorized funds in excess of $1,000,000 must receive the same penalty the member who misused $8,000.00 of her chapter’s funds received; namely, expulsion.

Necessary and appropriate action against criminal misconduct must be taken. On a routine basis, officers in other non-profit organizations have similarly misappropriated funds and the corporates’ responses are vastly different. These officers are promptly relieved of their duties and immediately subject to any and all related criminal charges. The Ivy will endure until the fraud and embezzlement are appropriately acknowledged and addressed by the leadership.

We must continue to show appreciation for the eight brave members who brought the embezzlement to our attention. The least we can do is to make sure that we vote “Yes” for the expulsion of the main perpetrator and beneficiaries. The rules are the rules and they must be enforced even on all members!

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