Thank You for Your Support

The judge ruled that we were wrongfully suspended and as such our membership in Alpha Kappa Alpha must be reinstated forthwith--no preconditions attached. A settlement on the lawsuit has been reached and we are happy. We will work cooperatively on the continued strengthening of the infrastructure of our organization.

We thank our supporters/well-wishers for believing in our word of honor and encourage you to join us in moving forward with one voice and one purpose for the good of the whole. Justice sometimes may make a detour but know that it will be served. Also, God works through people and with people collectively to accomplish His work of honesty and dominion over wrong.

Our organization is strong with many members of substance, will and fortitude who are willing to carry on the legacy of our Founders. Over the next few months, we will be gratified to know that we are a part of a great sisterhood with members who are willing to make great sacrifices to ensure that the torch is held high.

To our legal teams for the past four years, we simply say, thank you for sharing your time and expertise with us, for believing in us and the greater good for which we stand. Without your involvement, we would not be where we are today as a group. Ed Gray, Sherri Blount, Celeste Moy, Christian R. Erickson of Fitch Even Tabin & Flannery Law Firm; Victor O. Frazer, your involvement is tremendously appreciated. May your practices prosper as you continue to serve your various constituencies.

Managing Partner, A. Scott Bolden (Kappa Man), Tyree P. Jones, Terence Healy & Jeffrey Orenstein from the Reed Smith Law Firm, you have set us on the course for righteousness in our organization and for this, we are eternally grateful. Your advice, patience and understanding will always be remembered. May your practices flourish and abundant satisfaction and prosperity be yours.

To the webmaster Mark Beck of Bridgetree whom we have never met and the "Friends of the Weeping Ivy," our heartfelt gratitude for keeping the lines of communication open for all to be informed. Your generosity will always be remembered. Please know that the greater community appreciates the forum you have afforded to exercise the First Amendment.

Prologue is past and the epilogue is yet to be written. WI8 weep no more as everyone will now pause and await the epilogue.

Abundant peace, justice and everlasting faith!


Sorors Joy Elaine, Alicia, Kezirah, Carol, Betty, Frances, Marie & Brenda

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