About Us

Friends of the Weeping Ivy, LLC is a limited liability company committed to investigate and clean up alleged financial improprieties by the CEO, Executive Director and Board of Directors of the pink and green organization. FOTWI, LLC also seeks to provide financial assistance for legal representation to members of the pink and green organization who have been retaliated against for speaking out and filing a law suit against the current administration of the pink and green organization for alleged misuse of members and corporate funds. The FOTWI, LLC website is not an AKA website, nor owned or sponsored by AKA. None of the statements made or posted on this website are made on behalf of or in the name of AKA. The statements posted in the comments section are the views of the individual posters, and do not represent the views of the Friends of the Weeping Ivy, LLC.

We welcome the support of all honest, decent individuals who are against oppression and wrong doing, to join in our effort to expose and stamp out dishonesty in this organization. Leaders must exemplify the behavior they expect their followers to demonstrate. The intimidation tactics of withdrawal and suspension of membership privileges will not deter us from speaking up and out against this oppressive regime. We will exercise our First Amendment rights until justice is served.

Edward W. Gray Jr., Partner at Fitch Even Tabin & Flannery has been chosen to provide legal counsel to the members of the pink and green organization who have filed the law suit that FOTWI, LLC is committed to support with your generous donations.