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I attended the Eastern Area Conference for the Links in Richmond, VA where our own ESO proudly announced her intention to run for First Supreme Anti-Basileus in 2018. I cannot believe the nerve this woman has after what she did to aid and abet Barbara McKinzie during her reign of terror on our beloved Sorority during her scandal ridden administration. I hope sorors will keep in mind that ESO is not an example of the kind of leadership we presently enjoy in the persons of DBW and GBG. She has not honored our documents when she allowed Barbara McKinzie to convince her to illegally suspend sorors in the North Atlantic Region and her own chapter because they sued the Sorority. Of course we remember that the DC judge found that the suspensions were illegal and demanded the reinstatement of the eight plaintiffs. ESO is self-serving and self-absorbed and does not exemplify the kind of integrity and professionalism we need at the head of this organization. Let us not forget how willingly she followed behind Barbara McKinzie and defended her until the very end when she was expelled at the Atlanta Boule. Let's not have history repeat itself by electing her to another office in Alpha Kappa Alpha.