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As a Golden soror, I am soo disheartened by the Henderson administration. It is vapid and empty. At the end of four years, the region has not improved. Her theme, packed, polished, and prepared is surface. I am soo disappointed that she's brought nothing new to the region. Instead of furthering the knowledge of sorors in our region her bags are always packed, shoes polished up, and she's always prepared to socialize. She is the same as Regional Director as she was campaigning for the role. I am looking forward to a new Regional Director. I want all of my sorors to pay attention to these candidates for Regional Director. I've heard of three sorors running - Mary LaMar, Sabrina Williams, and Wanda King. Soror King is not the right choice for us. She would be more of the same for our region. Like Soror Meredith, she is all for show. Sorors, we cannot afford another four years of Meredith Henderson. Wanda King will be more of the same.