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Questions for your Regional Director should be the order of the day going forward. However, don't be surprised if you get no answers. You have allowed your leadership on the Regional and National level to stonewall you when it comes to financial accountability and issues that you are entitled to know about. The weapon they use is fear--fear that your privileges will be suspended, fear your sorors will ostracize you just to name a few. Look at what the WI8 Plaintiffs had to go through and they have not received an apology from the Regional Directors who suspended them illegally or from our Directorate leadership that supported those illegal suspensions. Even though they ultimately expelled BAM, there are still sorors who feel she should not have been expelled. What does that say about our values as an organization? We almost operate like the Mafia--protecting our brand and image at all costs even if it means protecting a thief within our midst. If we continue to not speak up when it counts, we will be dealing with another BAM situation in the future.