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@Evelyn Sample-Oates owes her region the truth. She violated the Constitution and Bylaws of Alpha Kappa Alpha, Article VI, Section 12, page 45. Any soror after reading this information at the top of page 45 and still believes that she had no choice but to suspend a former Regional Director and three Golden Sorors in her chapter, needs to turn in her pearls. Evelyn hung out with and fully supported McKinzie's bullying of chapter Sorors and terrorizing the rest of the national body with the threat of suspension and/or expulsion. There is nothing in the Constitution and Bylaws that gives the Supreme Basileus power to suspend or expel. That power lies with the Regional Director to suspend and the Boule voting delegates to expel as demonstrated in Atlanta in 2016. Members need to hold liars like Evelyn Sample-Oates accountable for their behavior and not allow her to hold any other office in our beloved sorority. If they decide to give her another chance, they surely will regret it down the road. The same goes for Schylbea Hopkins and Ella Springs Jones. Neither of the aforementioned Former Regional Directors should ever be elected to another office on the local, regional or national level.