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Yes, more than anything we need honesty, fairness, good character, and leadership ability. It is not honest, fair, or of good character to put out in the atmosphere gossip and lies either. If you have actual proof, fine. Otherwise indicate it is but your opinion. No, Soror Meredith does not send Soror Wanda out to chapters. Soror Wanda is invited. Why? Because she is well-liked. Why? She is well-liked by many. Why? She is forthright, articulate, has vision,and well, just plain sisterly. How do I know? I know personally many, many sorors who are active in MANY chapters. And no, her former campaign manager did not start the Calveret County chapter. The process had already begun, when she became involved. Yes her almost 50 years as a Soror who held a multitude of offices, aided the process. How do I know this? We went to the same HBCU. I made her. We were in the same grad chapter for years. I am her son's Godmother. I am in a better position than someone else who hasn't a clue. Please, Please, Sorors, remember who you are. It is not necessary to build up your desired candidate by tearing down others with lies, half-truths, and negative innuendo. Yes, we can discuss what we know to be fact. At least let us learn the lesson of tRump. Best to keep what you have no proof of to yourself.