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It is time for this organization to take a long hard look at the regional and national conference template they have been following down through the years. If the goal is to provide opportunities for members to hone their leadership skills and get information about how the organization is doing, why have all the unnecessary entertainment that increases the cost for participation and has no real value in the end. The formal banquet is really something that needs new evaluation. Why try to feed thousands of guests at one sitting with food that is less than appealing to the average palate and, for the most part, gets thrown away barely touched by most. Certainly we can come up with something that will not be so expensive and will not encourage such waste. Also, to have a Regional Conference and Boule Registration in the same year is downright stupid. The total cost has become prohibitive for undergraduate and senior citizen sorors on a fixed income. I personally hope that our new leadership will take into consideration the need to change so that more sorors can be encouraged to attend Regional and Boule Conferences.