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@@NAR Deficits and Administrations . . . Soror you are so spot on with your analysis of the last past three administrations. The past few years under Soror Dorothy's administration have been refreshing to say the least. I am particularly impressed with the way she handled the process at the Atlanta Boule that culminated in the expulsion of Barbara McKinzie. JED had every reason to rejoice that, as a result of eight sorors led by her fearless leadership, McKinzie was held accountable for her criminal acts. If you were able to observe ESO during that process you could see her nervously fiddling with her pocketbook. She should be glad her name did not come up for expulsion as well. Now she wants to lead our beloved organization after her verified support for McKinzie. We cannot let that happen. We don't need a silly, immature cheerleader leading this multimillion dollar organization. We need a tried and tested woman of faith and integrity in the person of Joy Daley. She put her pearls on the line to save this organization from the likes of ESO, MBG, NSW, CHS and BAM.