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@Why are so many educated women with multiple degrees afraid of leadership? Ask Joy Elaine Daley and the seven other sorors who put their pearls on the line to expose the criminal activities of Barbara McKinzie with the support of Evelyn Sample-Oates. Sorors were afraid to talk to them or about them in the open for fear of being suspended and/or expelled. The lawless days of AKA are not that far behind us. If we are not careful, they could be repeated. Some of these ambitious women do not feel they need to adhere to the rules and regulations that govern our organization. McKinzie didn't and neither did Sample-Oates. Now Evelyn feels she has earned the right to lead this Sisterhood by running for First Supreme. We cannot elect her and reward her for ignoring our documents when she illegally suspended four sorors in her Region. She had to do it because McKinzie wasn't qualified to suspend anybody. That power lies exclusively with the Regional Director. Need I say more.